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Real estate agents have a million different things to do to close a deal. Our transaction coordinators take care of all the tasks that keep you busy while giving you time to be productive.

Real Estate Transaction Closing Services

“Time Is Money”- Ben Franklin

While we know that Benjamin Franklin was many things in his lifetime, he wasn’t a realtor. Despite that, he knew the value of staying focused on the things that mattered most to him and letting others help him with the rest. That’s exactly what we do at Elite Closing Solutions.

We’re transaction coordinators for realtors. Our clients are all real estate agents working hard to find the deals and close them. That’s where we come in.

We save you time, keep you organized, and help grow your business. We handle all your backend documentation needs so you can focus on the things necessary to grow your business.

What is a Transaction Coordinator? A Contract Lion Tamer.

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) functions as a liaison between real estate agents, clients, escrow companies, closing attorneys, and mortgage brokers during the process of a real estate sale. We effectively manage all the administrative tasks. This means we take care of the documentation and processing of all information necessary to close the real estate deal.

Anyone that’s ever been involved in a real estate deal knows there are more than 30 tasks required to close the deal. Even home buyers understand that they’ll need to sign many, many documents to buy a house. Simply put, we make all that possible.

From the time the real estate agent gets the contract signed, there are tasks that can take more than 20 hours of time to get everything done. We coordinate everything you need from contract to close. We establish the timeline, introduce ourselves to all parties, and begin tracking down all the necessary components for a smooth closing. We handle all the documentation, paperwork, and agreements so you don’t have to.

Real Estate Transaction Management Helps You Get To The Next Level

A real estate transaction coordinator not only saves you time, but we can help you grow your business. Consider that the average realtor without a TC closes 3-5 deals a month whereas a real estate agent with the help of a transaction coordinator has the chance of closing more deals. It’s simple math.

Some of the realtors we work with close as many as 10-15 deals a month. Why? Because they have the time! In fact, in most markets, real estate agents that use a TC sell nearly 5 times more homes than the national average.

Contact us when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. We’re here to help.

Who Uses A Transaction Coordinator?

It’s a simple fact that there is only so much time in a day. Smart real estate agents have come to realize that when it comes to success, you can spend time being busy or you can spend time doing the things that make you money.

We are generally hired by agents that make meet the following criteria:

  • They don’t have enough time.
  • They don’t like chasing down all the paperwork.
  • They are relatively new or in real estate part-time (and need/want guidance).
  • They’d rather pursue deals or negotiating contracts.
  • They want to grow their business.
  • They have a sudden influx of business and need additional hands.

What Our Realtors Say:

I’m a realtor in the great state of Texas and I can not imagine doing this job without my TC! Lyndsey Hewatt you are a rockstar! I will forever and always be grateful for what you guys do!

-Brandy Moore

Elite makes me feel and look like a rockstar! My TC is the absolute best, she takes on all the hard work so I can focus on my clients. She keeps my contracts running smoothly. Highly recommend!!!

-Amy Dodd

Hiring an experienced TC from this company has been the BEST decision for me professionally and personally! My business has grown, I have more free time, my vendors and clients are giving me positive feedback about my TC. BEST decision for my business EVER! 

         -Dana Hess

Melisa completes me and enables me to provide my clients with the most professional and succinct experience I can. She truly makes me look good and allows me to focus on my job with confidence. she’s my secret weapon!

       -Priscilla Van Wagenen Crane

I’ve been working with ECS, specifically Kristin, and it’s been amazing. It is such a great feeling knowing the paperwork/detail side of my business is taken care of! It has allowed me so much more time to prospect and generate new business. Money well spent! Such a game-changer for my business!

         -Tyler Antrican

Melisa is a God send to myself and my agents! She is so wonderful and pleasant to work with. Extremely reliable and always quick to respond no matter how busy she may be. Her company gets 5 stars proven by her integrity and work ethic. She handles every detail from contract to close and I don’t know what we would do without Elite Closing Solutions. Thank you Melisa and your team for all you do!

-Stephanie Olsson

Our Service Area

We have the ability to work with any real estate agent in the United States. We can customize our closing plan to match what you are already doing for your closings. We currently work extensively with agents in the following states: Georgia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Michigan. We are ready to add many more states and serve you.

 When you’re ready to save time and make more money, call Elite Closing Solutions for a free consultation. Let’s get ready for more closings!

Why Work With Elite Closing Solutions?

When you work with our staff, we seamlessly integrate into your process to help you become a more productive realtor. Here’s what sets us apart:

Experienced – Our founder is a licensed real estate agent with nearly 20 years of experience. We understand what it takes to run a successful real estate firm.

Tech Savvy -We use the finest real estate software in the market today. This means we’re able to track the progress of your documentation with our secure platform.

Network – Need resources for your client? We’ve got whatever you need. From moving companies to handymen, we have whatever referral you might ever need.

Communication – We’re strong believers in over-communication. That’s why we provide proactive updates from the time you hire us up to closing.

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